Julia JouweJulia Jouwe, sympathizer of Hapin, explains.

My name is Julia Jouwe. A well-known name within the Papua community, my grandfather made sure of that. He designed the Morning Star and, together with Markus Kaisiepo, he was vice-chairman of the New Guinea Council. An intelligent bunch of gentlemen who unfortunately grew apart when the were in the Netherlands. Division arose between the Papuans in the Netherlands. But as a younger generation, we should leave this division behind us. That is why I founded The Young Papua Collective together with Samuel van Voorn and with help and guidance of Hapin. We offer (Papua) young people the opportunity to come into contact with their Papua identity and with each other. To this end, we organize events that are both educational and connecting.

My wish is justice for the Papuans. Justice is on our side. I hope that the so-called act of free choice of 1969 will be annulled. Until then, it will be important to end the human rights violations and the racism that is so persistent in Papua. I am optimistic about the future, but I am concerned about what is happening in the present. Hopefully we can change that.