Aliene Bruinink was born in 1967 in Kouh, in the inlands of Papua. This year she decided on her birthday that she wanted to give something back to the Papuans. Instead of birthday gifts, she asked her family and friends to donate to Hapin. With good result!

“I am an anak Papua, my father is Dutch and my mother is from Papua. I lived on Papua until I was 7, after that we went back to the Netherlands. That was quite a shock. There were many things I didn’t understand. Years later, when I went back to Papua, I came to understand myself better.

Last February sadly my mother passed away. Until then, she was my link with Papua. Because I look back on my childhood and my roots with gratitude, I wanted to do something for the Papuans at that time. Hapin of course is a fantastic organization. That is why I decided to organize this birthday fundraiser via social media.

I am proud to be a Papuan. But it also makes me sad sometimes because these people fall far short. Especially in the field of education and health care. My wish for the Papuans is that they have the same rights as everyone else. The can be proud of their culture, adat, skin color and curls.”

Aliene Bruinink | Hapin