On July 26, Desiree van der Krogt passed away. She worked as a program coordinator for Hapin for over 10 years. In 2007 she had to end her work because of health problems. When she said goodbye to Hapin, we wrote in our Newsletter: ‘Desiree has devoted herself with heart and soul to the Papuans for more than 10 years. That heart was mainly with the inland of Papua, the Baliem valley. She was able to win the hearts of the people in Papua and made countless friends there.’ Desiree showed unbridled commitment and made a major contribution to the development and professionalization of Hapin’s work. Hapin owes her many thanks. Desiree turned 63 years old.

On behalf of the board, employees and volunteers of Hapin, Wietse Tolsma

Desiree van der Krogt