Project Description

civil awarenessYear: 2011

Legal Aid Institute (LBH) Papua in cooperation with Pt. Hapin Papua held a workshop on Legal Education and Human Rights in Merauke, 18 – 20 January 2011. The workshop aimed on sharing knowledge and raise awareness in the community on legal matters and human rights. Examples were: investigation strategies and tactics, human rights violation advocacy, creating networks in Merauke for human rights monitoring, forming a group to watch and support law and human rights law enforcement in Merauke.

The workshop was attended by 35 participants (18 woman and 17 male) from traditional leaders, religion leaders, youth leaders, head of villages and citizens.

The participants discussed several issues on legal and human rights in Merauke: drunk issues, rapes, illegal logging, expropriation of customary land rights, domestic violence, sand excavation in Buti and Yoba, gambling and health issues.

Topics delivered by the presenters of the workshop were introduction to International Human Rights, understanding heavy human rights violation and genocide, knowlegde of civil rights on political, economical and sociocultural areas, and understandings on definitions and types of violance against women and the punishment for the convicts. Also topics such as victim’s rights based on KUHP (Indonesian laws), skills for identification, interogation, analysis, and cronologic representation of an incident were elaborated to the participants.

Through this workshop participants learn more on capacity building and development of basic skills on legal matters, which can be used  to help the community with justice and human rights. And by having knowledge on these matters, local communities will be able to support Legal Aid Institute (LBH) Papua in returne  by observing, reporting and assisingt on violation of laws and human rights.