Project Description

Collaboration Yapelin, Hapin en Wilde Ganzen

The hundreds of refugees from the Sentani region who had to leave her and home last year because of the landslides and floods have now been in shelters for a year and a half.  There, 300 families receive training and education to be well prepared to provide for their livelihood later. The Papua organization Yapelin is committed to this cause. In February, Covid-19 suddenly disrupted this process.

In the refugee camps, measures now had to be taken as quickly as possible to protect and educate residents against the dangerous virus. The distribution of food and water had to be arranged safely. All refugee centers were provided with water tanks, hand sanitation materials such as soap and disinfectant spray, mouth masks and distribution points for food.

Education teams distributed posters, educating people about why they should keep their distance and familiarizing them with uncomfortable hygiene practices, such as hand washing techniques. Project leader Ribka Kenelak informed us that the project is now 70% completed.

Wilde Ganzen