Foto: Derek Windessi, Phile T. R. R. Bonay, Jaap M. van der Werf en mevrouw Dewi

Pt. Hapin, Our Partner Organisation

Our Partner Organisation Pt. Hapin was founded on 23rd February, on the 38th birthday of Hapin. A memorable fact and a logical step: we have decided upon this action, because it gives a stronger basis to the aid to Papua and because it creates new possibilities for fundraising.

Pt.Hapin has been established and registered in Jayapura. Pt.stands for Perkumpulan terbatas (an association with limited membership). To establish a foundation, equal to a Dutch one, is an expensive and a time-consuming affair in Indonesia nowadays. That does not apply to a Pt., while it can have the same function as a foundation. The people who have already worked for Hapin in Papua, like Phile Bonay and Jaap van der Werf, make up the Board of the new association. It is an Executive Board with the same Hapin people in Papua. Its activities will continue on the same footing, namely to support Papuan initiatives as best as possible. However, these people are now active within an Indonesian organization, which has a number of important advantages:

Social security for our colleagues in Papua
Firstly, the people who used to work for Hapin in Papua, had no legal status. That meant to them: no labour contract, no wages only an allowance, no health insurance and no pension scheme. Normal matters as we know in Europe ,which have not been arranged, may lead to the loss of people with knowledge and experience. Besides, the Dutch Hapin could run a possible financial risk, when a local co-worker falls ill.

Responsibilities and qualifications remain in Papua
Secondly: this makes it possible to carry out certain activities by local people. That is more convenient. It is also much better when responsibilities and qualifications remain in Papua. The people of Pt.Hapin know the local situation well and can quickly make contact on the spot and arrange matters without needing first consultation with the Dutch Hapin. And let us be fair: it is our goal , that the Papuans will take matters into their own hands. Fortunately with your support to students, there are now more Papuans who can take this responsibility. In the future we are going to approach graduates who would like to devote themselves to Pt.Hapin.

A self-supporting Hapin Papua
Thirdly: Pt.Hapin as a Papuan organization can try and raise funds herself. The establishment of a local partner organization creates more opportunities for raising funds within Indonesia, in Australia and in Eastern Asia. We have doubled our fundraising capacity now we have two Hapin organizations. The financial support for important activities in Papua will be less vulnerable than before. Our aim is: the two Hapins will ultimately become equal partner organizations. We at Dutch Hapin feel obliged to support Pt.Hapin fully in her development into a sound and smooth running organization.

Our objective with all these initiatives is to make Pt.Hapin self-supporting. In this way the aid to Papua, we consider to be important, will be guaranteed.