Project Description

Tomer Papua MeraukeYear: 2008

Location: Merauke

The Tomer “basket”

Between Merauke and the border with Papua New Guinea is the Wasur National Park. The villages in the area are poor, but generally people can survive of what nature has to offer them.

Tomer is one of these villages in Wasur. The forest provides this community with plenty of wood and plant material, for example housebuilding. In good seasons, the sea deliveres quite a lot of fish and shrimp. But because of illegal hunting by the police and military, it is increasingly difficult to come by.
Monetization is often a matter of creating a proper organizational infrastructure and a one-time investment in production resources such as fishing nets, freezers and generators. Hapin now supports multiple groups (kelompoks) in the village engaged in horticulture, poultry farming and fishing.