Books are windows to the world and reading is the bridge

Anyone who enters the Rumah Baca (translated: reading house) in Yoboi (near Sentani) will soon feel at home. This small library is in fact the porch of the house of ibu Hanny Felle, also known as Mama Hanny. Her story is inspiring: this housewife and mother of two was touched by the illiteracy in her village and decided to do something about it. What started as a small study group for children from the neighborhood has now grown into a regional network of children’s libraries. But adult visitors also know where to find ibu Hanny for advice and training.

The route ibu Hanny took to get here was not an easy one. And the result is entirely due to her patience and determination. In 2019, a flash flood hit the Sentani area, flooding the village of Yoboi as well. Ibu Hanny managed to save all the books from the library with her boat. As soon as the water receded, she returned to Yoboi to rebuild her reading house. The initiative has since expanded to other villages in the Jayapura region.

Hapin is impressed by the perseverance of ibu Hanny and has decided to support the reading house by means of a donation. Office supplies, books and musical instruments will be purchased from this amount. A nice investment in an important place. Because reading and writing opens up a new world for children and adults alike.

Would you like to contribute to this project? Which can. You can donate here or transfer your gift to NL37RABO0444072470 stating: ‘reading house Yoboi’.