Hapin-students: meet Alda

Teaching geography to primary school students: that is Alda Saroy’s big dream. Initially, it was her mother who urged Alda to study to become a teacher. But now she’s got a taste for it herself. She is studying geography at UNCEN University in Abepura and enjoys attending lectures, acquiring knowledge, doing an internship and interacting with fellow students.







Alda and her mother live in Deplat (near Jayapura) and live off her late father’s pension. Her older sister is married and takes care of a family of her own. Financing a study for Alda was therefore not easy. Fortunately, Hapin came into contact with Alda and she could be supported with a scholarship. She travels to and from campus by public transport five days a week. Part of her grant is therefore a contribution to transportation costs.

Last semester, Alda took various courses. From general geography to social and economic geography. Alda: “My study is not only about the earth, soil types and soil layers. Geography is also about society, about population numbers and population growth. And about the influence of the economy on our society.” The semester ended with an internship at a primary school. Since Alda is not only interested in geography, education is also her passion. Alda: “I learned how to prepare a teaching method, create a lesson plan and set up a syllabus. In addition, I surveyed the ground around the school and assessed the water quality of the river that flows through the neighbourhood. I am positive about my internship and feel that I am ready to start working as a teacher.” Alda will be spending next year in the lecture benches, but after that she hopes to obtain her diploma.

Contribute to Alda’s study? You can donate here or via NL37RABO0444072470 stating ‘Alda’.

Year: 2021

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