Willie wortel - Papua

Hapin supports small scale projects that directly benefit the indigenous population of Papua. Starting from the strength of Papuan talent we expect Papuans to take the initiative in the application process. They know as no one else about local conditions and needs.

Our main focus is furthering the access to (vocational) education, economic empowerment of families, groups and communities at village level, protection of customary land rights, and the support of civil society. In all fields we pay close attention to the social position and rights of women.

During the process of awarding financial support and monitoring projects Hapin enlists the support of local experts.


A project application must beforehand comply with two primary criteria:

    1. 1. Sustainability. In other words, the project may apply for a start-up subsidy but not depend indefinitely on outside support.
    2. 2. Well defined and attainable goals

Then the proposals are rated by using three criteria:

  1. Gender equality
  2. Track Record
  3. 5. Local initiative


The higher the score , the better chance for approval of your application.