Kombai tribe in inland Papua

Papuan researcher Edo Mote (Merauke) recently obtained a Master in Cultural and Media studies and focuses on research into the transition from tradition to modern times among the Papuans in the deep interior of Papua.

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Introducing: Vera Wesseling, new Hapin employee

More than 8 years ago my grandmother – born and raised in Papua – took me for the first time to this special Indonesian island. Ever since this trip Papuans have had a special place in my heart. Not only because of their unique culture, but also because the position of the Papuans on the world stage and the lack of their voice in the media moves me.

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Coronavirus in Papua. A message from Nova Seseray

The provincial government of Papua raised the alarms mid-March when it became clear that the corona virus had reached the island. People were requested to work from home, to keep a safe distance from each other and to wash hands frequently.

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Doctor Mambrassar

Yohanes Mambrassar, a gynecologist in training, is completing his specialization at the University of Surakarta. Afterwards he wants to return to Papua.

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Papuan parents entrust their children to teachers on the assumption that their education offers them perspective for the future.

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Hapin supports young Papuans who have proven to be qualified to successfully complete a secondary or higher vocational education or university.

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Introducing: Nova Seseray

Starting from July 1st this year, Nova Seseray entered the service of Hapin as a consultant. She is responsible for the scholarship program and regularly visits the students personally to monitor the progress of their study and to keep up to date with their personal life

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Papuan market women become proud entrepreneurs

Many Papuan women make a living on the market by selling fruit, fish, sago or nuts. This trade dominates their daily life. With support of Hapin-Papua Support Foundation, these women learn all kinds of entrepreneurial skills in a five-day course.

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Remote Papua school initiative

This year a 4 year schoolproject will start in the remote areas of West Papua, called Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE). This project will be operating under Hapin's framework but managed and monitored by Marlôt Fliers and Harold van Grinsven.

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Travelling in Papua

Papua is still undicovered land by tourist around the world. Culture and nature are pure and pristine.

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