yulius mo jual sapuYulius Degei born in Paniai, a remote area in the mountains of Papua, is studying to become a counselling teacher. Just like students visit the school’s clinic when they are sick, he thinks that students should be able to visit a student counsellor when things become rough during their studies.

Yulius enjoys studying education because of the challenges and difficulties Yulius encounters during his study. These experiences enriches him on a personal level. Next to the scholarship he receives from GrantGesture/Hapin-Papua Support Foundation he needs to work hard to cover his daily expenses. The earn some extra cash Yulius makes brooms which he sells on the market. He even has 2 ‘interns’to whom he teaches his skills. These interns will use the skill to fund their studies. Yulius is very proud on his two ‘progenies’.

His efforts have almost been paid off though. Next year he will graduate! Last month he concluded his final assignment and his examiners were very impressed by his final essay. His essay included a case study of a high school in Jayapura. He focused on who to motivate students to enjoy learning Math, a difficult subject for many. Yulius advised the school to let the students work in groups in order for them to motivate and help each other. At this same school he had his internship a couple of months before this research. Once a week he gave lessons on Human Intelligence, Human Personality and Drug & Alcohol Abuse amongst teenagers.